Roanoke Lawyer Handling Misdemeanor & Felony Embezzlement Charges

Man stuffing money in jacketOur society does not accept the betraying of another’s trust when such betrayal involves monetary or property conversion. Such a betrayal is what happens when one commits the crime of embezzlement. Such conduct can result in serious criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, a defendant may find themselves facing a misdemeanor, a felony, or they may even be charged in federal court. A conviction can mean incarceration, a permanent criminal record, and potential disqualification from employment. These are just some of the reasons why it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney if you or a loved one have been arrested. Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke lawyer handling embezzlement charges. Cerid prides herself on the service our firm provides and she is ready to assist you. Contact us today. We also service Salem and all of southwest Virginia.

Embezzlement lawyer handling state and federal charges in Roanoke, Salem, and other Virginia areas

Embezzlement occurs when one misappropriates money or property which was entrusted to them by another. This can happen between private individuals or in a business setting. The nature of the charges will depend on the value and nature of the property involved. Under Virginia Ann. Code § 18.2-95 & -96, an individual who misappropriates money or property with a value of less than $500 will be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. This offense will carry a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. If the money or property had a value greater than $500, or was a firearm of any value, then the defendant will face up to twenty years in prison. If the offense involved theft across state lines, then the accused may face federal criminal charges.

How an embezzlement case begins will depend on the nature of the charges. If the matter is charged as a felony, then the defendant will be arraigned after either an Indictment has been returned or a preliminary hearing has been held. A trial date will be set and the defendant’s counsel, if they ask, will be provided with police reports, witness statements, and other evidence which the prosecution is required to provide under discovery motions and orders. If law enforcement illegally obtained transaction or financial information from the defendant’s computer, smartphone, or home, then it may be possible to have such evidence excluded from trial. If a reasonable resolution cannot be reached, then the case will proceed to trial. Should it be a jury trial, the jurors will decide guilt or innocence and determine a sentence and the Judge would determine whether to uphold the sentence, if necessary. It cannot be stressed enough that such matters are serious in nature and that an attorney should be retained immediately so that investigation and follow up can happen timely.

Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke defense lawyer handling embezzlement charges. She will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your situation and to help you understand what to expect as the case moves forward. She will quickly obtain all available evidence, interview any relevant witnesses, and retain a financial expert should one be necessary. If the police collected evidence through an illegal search and seizure, then she will file the necessary Motions and argue for dismissal. If a dismissal cannot be obtained, then she will prepare your case for trial and make sure that your rights remain protected as the case moves forward. We recognize the gravity of your situation and our firm will give your case the attention it deserves.

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Roanoke attorney aggressively handling federal embezzlement cases in the Western District of Virginia

Embezzlement charges which involve cyber crimes or the transfer of money across state lines (wire fraud) may be charged in federal court. Our attorney is licensed in the Western District of Virginia and is able to offer assistance in such cases. Cerid is honored to serve those in Roanoke and elsewhere in the Commonwealth. Call today to speak with a lawyer.