Roanoke Lawyer For Marijuana Charges

marijuana and cuffsVirginia continues to criminalize the possession of marijuana even though America’s attitude towards the drug has changed in recent years. Possessing cannabis in the Commonwealth  leads to criminal charges. The penalties for such charges can include incarceration, fines, a criminal record, and one not being able to pass a background check. If you or a loved one have been arrested, then it is important that you take the matter seriously and contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke lawyer handling both misdemeanor and felony marijuana charges. Cerid prides herself on providing the highest level of service and she is ready to assist you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. Our firm also assists those in Salem and throughout the southwest area of the state.

Attorney defending Roanoke and Salem residents charged with the possession of marijuana

Possessing any amount of marijuana in Virginia leads to criminal charges. Possessing two or fewer ounces of weed results in misdemeanor charges carrying a maximum sentence of thirty days in jail and a fine of up to $500. Selling cannabis can result in far more serious charges. If, for example, one is arrested for selling five or more pounds of the drug, then they face a prison sentence of five to thirty years. It is also important to recognize that additional charges may be brought for other crimes which were being committed at the time the defendant was arrested, such as if the accused was in the illegal possession of a gun.

Misdemeanor charges are typically heard in the General District Court. An arraignment will be held and a trial date will be set after the defendant enters a “not guilty” plea. The prosecution will provide defense counsel with police reports, lab results, and other information which must be provided pursuant to Brady v. Maryland. If the police found the marijuana by violating the defendant’s constitutional rights then it may be possible to have the drugs excluded from evidence. If the accused is facing no other charges, then such an exclusion could result in a dismissal of the case. If the matter proceeds to trial, then it is the prosecution’s burden to prove that the defendant knowingly and intentionally possessed the drugs. If no other resolution is reached, then the matter will typically be resolved through a bench trial at which the Judge will decide the issue of guilt and the length of a sentence. A criminal conviction will have an impact on your future. It is, therefore, vital that you retain an experienced lawyer to assist you.

Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke defense attorney who has been practicing since 2008. She has handled many cases involving the possession of marijuana. Cerid will use your initial consultation to learn how you were arrested and to help you understand what you should expect from the process as your case moves forward. She will quickly obtain all available discovery and will also visit the scene of the arrest. If she believes that law enforcement committed an unconstitutional search and seizure, then she will file all necessary Motions with the Court. She will work to gain a dismissal or, if one is not possible, a favorable resolution. Should a trial be necessary then she will protect your rights throughout the process. We understand that this is an important time in your life. We are here to assist you.

We also serve the cities of Cave Spring, Salem, the Botetourt County city of Hollins, the Bedford County cities of Bedford and Forest, the Franklin County city of Rocky Mount, and the Montgomery County cities of Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford.

Roanoke lawyer representing those charged with trafficking or distributing marijuana

As stated above, distributing or trafficking marijuana leads to far more serious criminal charges. If the act involved transporting drugs across state lines, then an accused may possibly face federal criminal charges. In such a situation, you need an attorney who aggressively protects your rights. Cerid takes a proactive approach to representation and explores all possible avenues when preparing your defense. Our lawyer strives to provide this high level of service in every case our office handles. We are honored to serve the Roanoke community and we take this obligation seriously.