Roanoke Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Assisting With Medical Benefits

doctor bandaging handOne never expects to get injured on the job. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Such accidents can lead to serious injuries which require extensive medical care. Virginia’s worker’s compensation laws allow for an injured employee to receive medical benefits in relation to such injuries. There may be times, however, where an employer attempts to avoid their responsibilities of providing coverage; there are a lot of ways they try to do so. When such a situation arises it is important that you retain an attorney to assist you. Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke worker’s compensation lawyer who assists injury victims with medical benefits. Cerid prides herself on providing quality service and we are ready to assist you. Contact us today. We also serve Salem and other areas in southwest Virginia.

Attorney assisting Roanoke residents who require medical care after a workplace injury

There are many ways in which one may be injured on the job. Such injuries can occur in dangerous occupations such as construction or one may slip and fall in an office or restaurant. Regardless of how an accident occurs, serious harm may have been inflicted. Virginia’s worker’s compensation laws allow for the treatment of such injuries. Employers should pay and compensate an injured worker, if they fail to do so, then a worker has a claim against their employer. It is important to note, an injured worker always has a claim and should always work through the workers compensation commission and obtain an Order for compensation, otherwise, certain timing can occur and after it does, an employer can decide to stop paying and without an Order from the Workers Compensation Commission the injured worker may no longer get paid.

Employees must report work related injuries to their employers within thirty days of the time that an accident occurred. Injuries which occurred suddenly, on the job, and in the scope of one’s employment will typically be considered “work related.” If the employer accepts the claim, then they may refer the employee to a panel of three physicians. The worker will choose which of the physicians they wish to treat with. Costs associated with the treatment will then be the responsibility of the employer. If the worker chooses to treat with a provider outside of the panel, then the employer will not be responsible for the associated costs. Workers should speak with a lawyer immediately after an injury in order to ensure that the employer is properly notified and that the request for treatment is properly handled.

Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke attorney assisting those who require medical care after a workplace injury. Cerid will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of your situation and to determine whether your injury is covered under our state’s worker’s compensation laws. She will then help you properly notify your employer of the injury (notifications are required to be in writing). Should the employer deny your claim then our office will help you deal with the situation. We will take the steps necessary to make sure that you receive the care you need. Cerid understands that this is a stressful time in your life. She focuses on this area of law so that you may focus on your future. Contact us today.

Lawyer staying in regular contact with Roanoke and Salem workplace accident victims

You were likely focused on your job at the time you suffered an injury. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can change one’s life in an instant. At times like this you need a lawyer who will stay in regular contact with you so that your concerns are addressed. Cerid provides a high level of attorney-client communication. This includes promptly replying to messages and making sure that your questions are answered. We promise this high level of service in every case we handle.

In addition to Roanoke, we also serve the southwest Virginia cities of Cave Spring, Salem, the Botetourt County city of Hollins, the Bedford County cities of Bedford and Forest, the Franklin County city of Rocky Mount, and the Montgomery County cities of Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford.