Roanoke Worker’s Comp Lawyer For Cases Involving Permanent Disability

empty wheelchairWorkplace injuries are far too common. Unfortunately, such injuries can result in permanent or lasting disabilities. Such cases may involve brain damage, head trauma, spinal damage, or paralysis. Fortunately, Virginia’s worker compensation laws allow for full or partial wage replacement in cases where a worker is deemed medically unable to return to work. It is important that a claim for disability be handled properly or it may be denied. Retaining an attorney experienced in such matters can make a difference in the outcome of your case. Cerid Lugar is a Roanoke lawyer assisting those who have suffered a permanent disability due to a workplace injury. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We also assist those in Salem and throughout southwest Virginia.

Attorney assisting Roanoke and Salem workers who have been permanently disabled by a workplace injury

Virginia law allows for a worker to receive benefits if they were injured on the job and in the course of their employment. The injury must typically be sudden and not the result of “ongoing trauma or stress.” Also, if a worker’s own misconduct caused the accident then they generally will not be entitled to benefits. In cases where an employee is deemed medically disabled, then they may be entitled to partial or full reimbursement of the wages they would have otherwise received.

An injured worker must notify their employer within thirty days of the time which an accident occurred. The employer will then file a “First Report of Injury” within ten days. The worker will have up to two years to file a claim with the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission. One of the Commission’s deputy commissioners will hear the evidence at a hearing and determine whether your claim for disability should be granted. Litigating a claim before the Commission can be highly complicated and it is vital that you retain a lawyer experienced in handling such matters.

Cerid Lugar is a worker’s compensation attorney assisting those who need to file for permanent disability. Cerid will use your initial consultation to learn about how you were injured and she will immediately inform your employer of the incident. She will assist you in gaining the necessary medical opinions and presenting your case to the Commission. Should the deputy commissioner who hears the case issue an adverse ruling then Cerid will assist you in disputing the claim denial. We understand the serious impact that this situation can have on your life. We are ready to assist you.

We also serve the southwest Virginia cities of Cave Spring, Salem, the Botetourt County city of Hollins, the Bedford County cities of Bedford and Forest, the Franklin County city of Rocky Mount, and the Montgomery County cities of Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford.

Roanoke lawyer providing quality service to those filing for disability

If a workplace injury has left you permanently disabled then you have enough to worry about. It is important that you retain an attorney who provides quality service. Our lawyer strives to do so. Cerid will be in regular communication with you throughout the process and will make sure that your questions are answered. We provide an online portal so that you may access important documents and we will meet with you as often as necessary to address any concerns you may have. It is our honor to serve those in Roanoke and we take our obligations seriously.